Maritime Link

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Maritime Link

 Maritime Link OASIS

Transmission Services:

 Maritime Link - Total Transmission Capability (TTC)/ Available Transmission Capacity (ATC)

 Maritime Link - Loss Factor -

NSPML has recalculated the Transmission Loss Factor as required by the Emera and Nalcor Transmission Service Agreements.

The calculated Loss Factor to be applied for Maritime Link transactions from June 15th to July 14th, inclusive, is 4.81%.

Change from last period:

As a complete 12 month cycle of metered data is not yet available, the transfers in May as well as estimated station losses for valve cooling, transformer cooling and auxiliary systems are utilized.

As transfers were at a generally lower power level and for a shorter duration in May compared to April, the loss factor of 4.81% is higher than 4.71% of the last period.

The next update will be published on July 10th.